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This group develops micro/nanofabrication processes and novel miniaturized sensors and devices, particularly photonic and electrochemical sensors, as well as micro-labs on a chip. These sensors and devices are fabricated with various materials, such as metals, polymers and carbon, and can integrate ad-hoc microelectronic systems. The group deals mainly with, but is not limited to: applications related to environmental monitoring, such as sensor networks that monitor groundwater and air pollutants produced by industrial activity; separation and processing of biological materials used for new drugs; the analysis of biological fluids for the prevention, detection and monitoring of diseases; and the development of devices for monitoring and improving cell culture. The group¿s experimental facilities include: a laboratory for fabrication and characterization of micro/nanostructures and microfluidic devices, a laboratory for prototyping electronic systems and a computer laboratory for multiphysics modeling and microelectronics design.

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