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The Telecommunications for Digital Transformation Focus Group contributes solutions to key problems in networks and systems that transport information and enable the design of platforms that drive the digital industry of the future and technologies like IoT, Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), smart-grid, Big-Data, e-health, 5G to improve the quality of life of the 21st century society. The group generates innovative solutions with diverse applications that demand the knowledge of multiple technologies and disciplines through cross-cutting work in areas such as telemedicine, logistics in industrial engineering, computer learning, intelligent systems, robotics, integrated circuit design for telecommunications, embedded systems and optics among others. With these contributions, the group supports the generation of competitive tables with an in-depth view of the scientific and technological interrelationships, benefiting the industry with the gestation of new scenarios based on a communications technology infrastructure that drive digital transformation, and thus detonating changes in society. The group focuses on aspects such as the representation of information, generation and transmission of signals, methods of optimal management of communications resources, study and characterization of phenomena in the medium of transmission, and the design of new algorithms to reduce the effects that prevent effective communication. Performance studies are also conducted on communications systems and networks, which are a critical part of the industry requiring communications services. Statistical models are used to obtain performance and at the same time support the design of information processing algorithms and Big Data to improve such performance. One of the most dynamic technological segments is wireless communications, which has large potential markets such as mobile-health, intelligent transport systems (ITS), sensor networks, IoT, 5G, among others. Wireless communications are heading into a new era of Big-Data, and understanding that immense amount of information that will reside in wireless networks will facilitate methods of network design and optimization that will benefit the equipment manufacturing industry, especially within modern networks where traffic is more focused on data than on voice as was previously the case. Another focus of the group is the design and optimization of future communications networks incorporating new devices, architectures and protocols. Future networks promise to permeate the infrastructure of mobile operators to deliver speeds of the order of Gb/s. An emphasis is the generation and modulation of millimeter signals and their propagation in the hybrid channel, in addition to the design and use of nano devices in optical communication systems.

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