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We study the term ¿cultural industry¿ from a broad perspective that involves the production of cultural goods and services in a non-restrictive and inclusive manner (from popular manifestations to the so-called ¿high culture¿). Its study covers production generated through traditional sectors such as editorial print, analogue or advertising audiovisual, but also via digital media such as newspapers and online magazines, digital transmission of radio and television programs, social networks, sound and film production, etc. Its contents can be educational, artistic, informative and based on entertainment. These can be considered from the following points of view: emission (authorial democratization), reception (new reading canons, coexistence of different types of receptors and audiences), support (convergent platforms), supporting codes (fragmented, inter-texts favoring), representations (new realities, tempo-spatial breaks) and contexts. We study these industries as an enabling tool for sustainable development that involves various disciplines such as history, political science, economics, literature, communication, design, marketing, ethics, sociology, education, among others. We use the cultural framework proposed by UNESCO: (1) cultural heritage; (2) printing and literature; (3) music; (4) performing arts; (5) phonographic media; (6) audiovisual media; (7) socio-cultural activities; (8) sports and games and (9) environment and nature.

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