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León-Rovira, Noel

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"We are working on a holistic approach that integrates methodologies and digital innovation tools in order to increase effectiveness and minimize flaws, times and costs, which we have called Lean Intelligent Innovation." For the past 10 years, Noel León Rovira has worked on the development of a cervical cancer detection device that has saved lives, since it facilitates early detection of this type of cancer. This device, used by the Tren de la Salud, is commercialized in Mexico and soon, in other countries as well. He is the founder of Soluciones en Dispositivos Médicos y Onko Solutions, has taken part in the development of new concepts that allow both capture and storage of solar energy to be more effective and resilient, minimizing costs as a result. León Rovira's main professional activities are innovation methodologies, which are the base for the lecture on Research, Design and Innovation in Engineering. Fourteen professors form the Tecnológico de Monterrey are involved and more that 30 patents have been registered, nationally and internationally. To achieve innovation and development of new products of high social impact in underdeveloped countries, and for them to be accepted, requires a greater effort. Therefore, over 100 students have taken part in this project, which has gotten funding from FONLIN, Conacyt, Secretaría de Energía, Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor, AMBAR Capital and Ángel Venturs de México, among others.

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