García-González, Dora Elvira uri icon

Professor Insignia Rómulo Garza 2019. "The critical spirit is the only resource, or at least the most fertile, to rethink and imagine alternative to the prevailing injustive, specially in Latin American societies." Ever since Dora Elvira García González started her philosophy studies, her research began to outline her concern for the human condition. After earning her doctorate, she integrated the great philosophical categories of the human, the communitary and the social spheres into her studies. Currently she is active in the political philosophy field, understanding politics as the setting, the discourse and the action that involves the human being in the construction of collective life. In addition to making a critical review of the theories of justice and the recovery of ethics as the environment for reflecting on the humanely demandable, she has dabbled in peace studies, specifically in the possibility to transcend violence through the collective construction of alternatives that dignify human life. To García González, the biggest challenge facing philosophical research is, in times of neoliberalism, when the most voracious ways of the capitalist economical system are radicalized, that individualism becomes the main guide of human action. She considers that acknowledging one another as moral subjects and discerning our responsibilities in the construction of frames of meaning that dignify human condition would be the greatest achievement for her profession. And here, precisely, is where she sees teaching as a great ally.