Olmedo-Estrada, Juan Carlos

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"The biggest challenge we have ahead is the responsibility to build a more dignified, fair and inclusive country, where opportunities for growth are within reach of everyone, not only a minority". Over the past 20 years, Juan Carlos Olmedo Estrada has been a high school, professional and postgraduate professor. He has devoted part of his career to training public school teachers, as well as giving educational counsel for text books, particularly history books, one of his main fields of interest alongside culture, art and science awareness. In addition to taking part on the design of the syllabus for the Communications undergraduate programs and the Mexico's Cultural Imaginaries subject for Tecnológico de Monterrey, he led the Mati-Tec project for the reinforcement of mathematical, writing, reading and technological competences of more than 5,000 public education students. A compulsive reader and a book, music, stamp and movie collector, Olmedo Estrada is a frequent visitor of museums and exhibitions, specially those of modern and folk art. When he started the Business Administration career he had vocational doubts; it was when he got to study the elective subjects of history, photography and Mexican culture that he discovered his true calling, which is why he became a doctor in Human Studies. Currently, he is part of the jury for the Reimagine Education awards program, which evaluates the best projects in the field of educational innovation, and takes pride in being part of the educational process of hundreds of young men and women concerned about leaving a sustainable future for the next generations.

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