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Valencia-Gallegos, Jesús Angel

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"I am interested in developing new ways of controlled drug liberation for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and neurological alterations." Nowadays, multiple challenges are interrelated; for instance, those regarding energy, education, sustainability and health. It is in the latter where Jesús Ángel Valencia Gallegos is mainly interested, without losing sight of the others, since population growth and growth of the segment of people over the age of 60 demands new approaches and techniques for pathology prevention, diagnosis, correction and elimination. Nanomedicine allows for the use of structures of various physicochemical properties to increase effectiveness and reduce the adverse effects of treatments. He claims that, with the help of areas such as molecular and synthetic biology and genetic engineering it is possible to achieve synergistic effects that will give better opportunities to those who have been diagnosed with cancer or neurological alterations such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. Valencia Gallegos' area of specialization is controlled liberation and delivery of drugs, specially those needed for the treatment of high-social impact diseases; that is, not only those with a high mortality rate but those that affect the quality of life of people for long periods of time. To develop alternatives that allow for the improvement of quality of life is his motivation to do his greatest possible effort. As a researcher and teacher, he considers that daily advances and significant discoveries make his profession a fertile ground to develop new ideas.

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