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Guzmán-Díaz, Ricardo

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"To humanize science and technology, in the sense of understanding them as activities whose development depends on its social context, is a challenge of my profession." Ricardo Guzmán Díaz's initial education was in engineering, particularly in the area of electronics and communications, with a special interest in the physical and mathematical principles that support his profession. Later, his interest shifted toward science, technology, and society. This is why, while he is an engineering professor that teaches subjects such as Theory of Knowledge, Signal and System Analysis, Electromagnetic Theory and Circuit Theory, he also does research on the historical, philosophical and cultural aspects of physics. Guzmán Díaz is especially drawn towards the social aspects of science and technology. Although the content of scientific and technological disciplines ¿and teaching them¿ fascinates him, it is even more interesting to him to see them from afar, from diverse human dimensions. In some of his publications, he has addressed the crisis society is facing in relation to the environment and the human condition itself. He suggests the need for the different social actors and institutions to think about development matters, not only in economic terms but in the broadest human sense. He believes that educational institutions, especially universities, play a pivotal role in social progress because they are the quintessential place to formulate questions, to reflect and to propose new ideas.

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