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She earned a degree of architecture from the Ecole d'Architecture Paris Villemin (Paris, France), with a one year exchange program in the University of Houston (Texas, USA), a Master Degree in Architectural Restoration from the International University SEK (Santiago of Chile) and a PHD degree in "City, Territory and Sustainability" from the University of Guadalajara. She moved in Mexico City in 1997, where she joined TEN Arquitectos and worked on projects like El Taller Jaguar and participated in publications of TEN Arquitectos projects in several publishing houses in the world. From 1998 to 2002 she participated as Art Director in several movies and TV spots, and developed commercial project in La Condesa and the historical district of Mexico City (restaurant, bars and discotheques) In 2003 she moved to Santiago of Chile, co-founded Bertomo Arquitectos, and worked on residential and commercial project (houses and stores). At the same time she developed a consulting activity in adobe construction and restoration for the Interamerican Development Bank and the Chilean Ministry of Construction. In 2008 she moved to Guadalajara to integrate the PHD program, and become doctor in 2012 with the thesis "Ecosofy: comparative study between two planning process facing climate change in France and Mexico". Since 2010 and until 2013, she is coordinator of special Project and then Technical Secretary of the planning commission agency of Guadalajara. From 2013 to 2015 se was in charge of the Quality Control of the Climate Change Plan of Jalisco state. In 2013 she become a full time professor of the architectural department in Tec de Monterrey, Guadalajara campus, and in 2014 academic director of this department. As academic director she has been impulsing the academic innovation towards the Tec 21 model, being part of the original team of "semana i", "semestre i" pilote (critical verticality), professional social service pilote. Since 2015 she coordinates the Innovation, Design and City Lab, (belonging to the Architectural, Design and Civil Engineering Division), where she has been developing urban consultancies (resiliency profile for the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, strategic definition of new urban polygons) for local governments and the national Ministry of agrarian, urban and territorial development, establishing links and agreements with different organizations, of which the UNO-Habitat with a Urban Prosperity Index course for urban stakeholders, developing academic innovative tools (NOVUS Project, Territorial Information Platform). She has been participating and have organized academic seminary in collaboration with different universities and have published articles and book chapters focused on urban topics.

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