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Leal-Coronado, Mariel Adriana

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I graduated from the Bachelor of Mathematics in 2008 and the Master of Industrial Economics in 2012. Both I studied at the Universidad Autonoma Nuevo Leon (UANL). I graduated from the PhD in Engineering Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2018. I have been professor in the Faculty of Physical-Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Chemical Sciences at UANL, as well as in the Department of Mathematics at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey. Recently I joined the Industrial Engineering Department as Program Coordinator at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Toluca. Since December 2017, I have been participating in joint research on the topic "Social responsibility in mixed oligopolies" with Dr. Sang-Ho Lee, professor and dean of the National University of Chonnam, South Korea. Our research is based on the analysis of the strategic decision making of companies that participate in a game of imperfect competition, when their objectives are asymmetric, specifically, when one of the companies is friendly with the consumer. As a result of our collaboration, we have produced scientific articles which have been published in leading indexed international scientific journals (JCR and / or SCOPUS). Published articles 1. García, A., Leal, M., Lee, S.H. Endogenous Timing with a Socially Responsible Firm. Korean Economic Review. In Press, 2019. 2. Leal, M., García, A., Lee, S.H. Excess Burden of Taxation and Environmental Policy Mix with a Consumer¿Friendly Firm. Japanese Economic Review. In Press, 2019. 3. García, A., Leal, M., Lee, S.H. Social responsibility in a bilateral monopoly with R&D. Economics Bulletin, 2018. 4. García, A., Leal, M., Lee, S.H. Optimal policy mix in an endogenous timing with a consumer-friendly public firm. Economics Bulletin, 2018. 5. García, A., Leal, M., Lee, S.H. Time-inconsistent environmental policies with a consumer-friendly firm: tradable permits versus emission tax. International Review of Economics & Finance. 2018. 6. Leal, M., García, A., Lee, S.H. The timing of environmental tax policy with a consumer-friendly firm. Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, 2018. Furthermore, this year 2019, we have submitted 6 additional papers to JCR/SCOPUS journals, listed below: 1. Effects of globalizing a consumer-friendly firm in a Cournot duopoly (co-authored with Mariel Leal) 2. Sequencing R&D decisions with a consumer-friendly firm and spillovers (co-authored with Mariel Leal) 3. Merger incentives and strategic CSR by a multiproduct corporation (co-authored with Mariel Leal) 4. Cooperation with a consumer-friendly multiproduct corporation (co-authored with Mariel Leal) 5. Strategic corporate social responsibility and merger decisions in mixed markets with State Holding Corporation (co-authored with Mariel Leal) 6. Cooperation with a multiproduct corporation in a strategic managerial delegation. Accepted by Managerial and Decision Economics (co-authored with Mariel Leal)

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