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Arroyo-López, María del Pilar Ester

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Pilar Arroyo is a Professor in the department of Industrial Engineering at Tecnológico of Monterrey campus Toluca, Mexico. She holds a PhD degree in Business Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Previously she worked at the State of Mexico University and did research and consulting on applied statistics. Her research interests include: social and green marketing, reverse logistics, outsourcing and supplier development. She is member of the Mexico National Research System and has published articles on topics such as outsourcing, third party logistics, green segmentation, social marketing for health care, and social entrepreneurship in international journals such as Journal of Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Journal of Entrepreneruship and Small Business, Qualitative Marketing Research and Mexican journals such as Journal of Accounting and Business Administration UNAM.

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