"The daily interaction with young students inspires me, since new ideas and contributions offer me the opportunity to explore new fields for my research and to feel up to date." Human resource management and work relationships are Joohee Kim's area of specialization, who has acted as a business consultant in different fields. She is particularly interested in the behavioral patterns of the people that make up an organization since the effectiveness of a company relies on the level of comprehension of those who integrate it. The young people she teaches inspire her, she claims, to explore new fields of research. At the same time, they challenge her to understand the culture and mindset of the new generations, which will become leaders in the future. Since these generations need up-to-date knowledge and innovative ideas that allow them to perform in a global and ever-changing environment, Kim believes that it is essential for academics to remain in continuous exploration and to share their achievements with their students.
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education and training

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master in Economics