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Reynoso-Javier, Javier Francisco

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"In 1995 I started a crusade to promote the research, professionalization, and teaching of Service Organizations in Mexico and Latin America. The main challenge has been to achieve a real paradigm shift." Service management is the area that, in 1991, changed Javier Reynoso's life. His main interests within this area are the study and practice for developing strategic service business vision in organizations and designing service strategies in both the internal (employees) and external (customers) environments to create value for all stakeholders. In recent years, he has also focused on manufacturing companies that wish to differentiate from others and to compete through service. He believes it is quite relevant to contribute to a paradigm shift in Management in Mexico, to stop confusing service with servilism (1.0); understanding it as a mere "customer service" attitude (2.0); or only as the sector that contributes the most to the gross domestic product and occupied labor force in the country (3.0); furthermore, to promote Service Logic in every organization (4.0). Reynoso is passionate about contributing to the integral development of people in different contexts, particularly, leaving a mark on the professional and personal education of his students, sharing not only his knowledge and experience but also his values and principles. From his point of view, a true professor does not teach what he knows but what he really is, and what he likes the most about his profession is precisely that: that it has allowed him to share what he really is with students, as well as with employees and executives of organizations with whom he participates in executive education programs and consulting projects.

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