Tucker,Allan Marc

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"Ever since I started in the music business in 1971, our industry has been changing at high speed. What endures is the drive to create, experiment, send and receive music or music events." Music has always been a part of Allan Marc Tucker, who started using a turntable when he was just 2 years old: he put the records in place, played them, and of course, danced to them. He studied clarinet, then guitar; he had a brief career as a studio session musician and focused on his own songs. His plan to study audio engineering was to learn enough to find a job in a recording studio while he tried to become a rock-star. Instead, he found great satisfaction in expressing his creativity as an engineer, helping other artists to reach their goals in the studio. Tucker's career in music production is close to reaching 50 years and, although he has recorded and mastered more than 3,500 records and has won the most relevant awards in his profession, including Grammys and Gold Records, he has found that working as a full-time professor and heading the Technology and Music Production program (IMI-LTM) has been his most rewarding and meaningful stage. Sharing his stories, techniques, theories, accomplishments and failures with his students is his way to make sure he is contributing to the development of the future problem-solvers of the musical industry. He teaches students to listen in a critical way, to evaluate the creative and technical quality of interpretations, to give shape to music, understanding the artists' concepts, and to make use of the correct tools, and always to take the audience into account, without whom they would not have any work at all.

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