De la Vega-García, Ignacio

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"Throughout my career, I have tried to develop an Omni-entrepreneurial mindset; that is, to be an entrepreneur in every aspect of my personal and professional spheres." Due to the powerful, innovative and vital impact education has to transform societies, this area is Ignacio de la Vega García's passion and profession. This is why he has performed several roles in teaching, research, and transversal management education programs both in public and private spheres, in different parts of the world. What he likes the most about his profession is the ability to decidedly and positively make an impact on the environment and its audiences. In the different organizations he has collaborated with, he has been able to verify at first hand the importance of education focused on the creation of shared value, which benefits every group of interest, and therefore, societies. De la Vega García studied law; he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Scholarship and did a master's degree in International Relations at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the Harvard Business School. Afterward, he was granted a doctorate at the IE University on entrepreneurship and communications. He claims that the education sector is going through one of the greatest transformations in history, due to the inclusion of technology in every aspect of our lives. New learning and teaching ways abound, which compels him to remain up to date on an institutional level and, especially, on a personal one. However, he sees this as a chance to practice lifelong learning, which encourages us to stop perceiving education as a linear process.