Arriagada-Cuadriello, Juan Francisco

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"I completely enjoy being an entrepreneur, to solve what appears to have no answer. To discover from another point of view the beauty of something unknown to others." From childhood, when theater opened his doors to a wonderful world, Arriagada Cuadriello has been surrounded by creation and art. In addition to studying Communications, he took courses and diplomas in script writing, theatre direction, acting, finance, business administration and copyright because he found them to be both fascinating and useful towards living his calling in complete fulfillment. When he began his professional career he was a theater producer and director, and afterwards he ventured into the movie industry as a producer of three feature films. He had so much fun and learned so much that he allowed himself to explore the world of music. Eventually, he decided to create his own company to have the opportunity to get involved in the different processes of the movie, television and music businesses. To Arriagada Cuadriello, storytelling is a pleasure. He enjoys being a witness and taking part in the creative process, watching how talent evolves until it becomes a movie, a record, a script or a TV show. He has been the producer of HuevoCartoon for seven years and has done more than 500 audiovisual productions. Selected by Forbes magazine to earn a Promise award, he has also undertaken the task to develop commercial strategies for large companies. He considers one of his challenges to create a sustainable company that builds the necessary bridges for others to accomplish their goals, having in mind the well-being of their family and country.

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