Gutiérrez-Ménez, Angel Mario

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"On 1992 I began to build a bridge between design and business, something nobody had explored in Mexico. That approach is now called Strategic Design." As a designer, Ángel Mario Gutiérrez Ménez wants to mantain his international market leadership, since within that context he competes against the best in the world. As a professor, he wishes to arouse interest in his students in design excellence; to open their road to success. His areas of interest are strategic design, design and technology, design driven innovation, design management, concept design for the future, and lighting, since they are all related to the strategy to achieve successful designs that change the world, prepare it for the future, redefine meaning and transform environments. Throughout his postgraduate studies in Sweden, Gutiérrez Ménez designed a lamp for the first time, earning the first prize in an international contest. Afterwards, the Markslöjd company invited him to join their ranks, while the industrial group Vätterledens Invest AB proposed to create the Mario Menez Design brand in partnership. In record time he was considered on of the top three most influential designers in the home lighting business in Scandinavia. He enjoys creating products, systems and companies, in addition to solving problems, that is why he strives to achieve that the Industrial Design career excels in the country. His efforts are concentrated, mainly, on giving design a business approach, because he considers a designer to be that agent and leader that influences the culture of innovation within a company.

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