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González-Hernández, Eva María

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"Either inside the classroom, in the company, or in the laboratory, I deeply enjoy working with others, learning new things and witnessing the impact research has in people's lives." Doing research and teaching take up most of Eva M. González Hernández's life. She has devoted her life to her work and, although she does not regret it, she now understands the importance of developing on a human level. Being a better person and being able to share her knowledge and experience with her students and co-workers is her main goal these days. Her main professional concern has been the communications industry and how it helps to build an identity. However, through her career, she has changed her approach, on one hand, because of her own development, and on the other because of the requirements suggested by Tecnológico de Monterrey as main fields of study. Right now her two research themes are consumer behavior and technology transformation linked to retail commerce. She is passionate about gaining new knowledge and teaching others that process and enjoys working with research teams that add different personalities and mentalities to the project. What she relishes the most about teaching is having the opportunity to be a part of the transformative process of students. She focuses not only on results but mainly on the development of competencies which might be useful for their future. She is less interested in the transmission of knowledge and more in the experience both her and the students are having.

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