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Arredondo-Trapero, Florina Guadalupe

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Current Data Name: Florina Gpe. Arredondo Trapero Email: Phone. 81 10708046 Humanities Studies Department Address in Campus: Humanities Studies Department Aulas II.340 Ote Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey México Florina Arredondo works at Humanities Studies Department at Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Monterrey. She graduated cum laude from the Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration program at University of Deusto, Spain in 2007 with a major in Ethics & Leadership. As part of her academic experience, She offers courses about Business Ethics and Ethics and Citizenship for undergraduate students, and Research Seminar's for the PhD Humanities Program, at Tecnologico de Monterrey as well. She leads the Ethics Area Coordinator for the PhD in Humanities Studies. She is also collaborating in diverse research projects. In addition to the courses listed above, she has also conducted Business Ethics workshops for the Mexican industry and she has particularly focused on Organizational Citizenship workshops in recent years. She has also participated recently in projects oriented to promote the Inclusion and Gender at the workplace, Transparency, Social Responsibility, and Culture of Lawfulness. She has offered multiple training workshops for the industry in the area of ethics and organization and recently on corporate citizenship. She has collaborated with projects aimed at public education to promote the culture of legality, values and education for social transformation for teachers of schools in vulnerable areas (130 trained teachers, USAID Project). She also coordinates the course "Challenges for educational institutions in the digital society" (2500 trained teachers of the NL, with more than 300 learning activities). Professor Florina has participated in national and international academic conferences of internationally recognized universities and associations. In addition, he has published scientific articles in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Paraguay, Pakistan, Dominican Republic and Venezuela on the topics of socially responsible consumption, business ethics, corporate responsibility and gender equity. Professor Arredondo had received: 1. The prize for Teaching and Research in 2004 2. The Titular Professor Distinction (2009) 3. Her membership of the National Council of Science and Technology (Level 1) (2013) 4. She earned the "Arturo Díaz Alonso 2015 Award" for the Best Article presented in Ethics & Organization Track, at FCA UNAM International Conference.

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