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Mongrut-Montalvan, Samuel Arturo

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Professor Mongrut holds a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), a Master in Economics from Universiteit Maastricht (The Netherlands) and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad del Pacifico (Peru). He studied Quantitative Economics at the Netherlands Network of Quantitative Economics (NAKE) and he has participated in research projects at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) from the University of Chicago. Currently he is full-time professor at the EGADE Business School Campus Queretaro (Mexico) and researcher at Universidad del Pacifico (Perú) and Universitat de Barcelona (Spain). He was the chairman of the Environmental Management Accounting and Sustainability Network - EMAN for the American chapter and visiting professor at several Business Schools such as the Toulouse Business School (France and Spain), The Kedge Business School (France), the International Business School from Vilnius University (Lithuania), the International Business School of Universidad Federico Santa Maria (Chile), the Business School of the Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), among others. Professor Mongrut has published in several refereed journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Corporate Ownership and Control, among others.

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