Cárdenas-Alemán, Eduardo

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""The main challenge is the continuous update and the adoption and adaptation to the technological changes that have occurred during the past years, both in the matter of research and in knowledge updating, in order to take this to new study programs." Innovation and technological development in the manufacturing sector and the transformation and incorporation of that experience in educational models that allow students to face the challenges that require learning updated and cutting-edge contents is Eduardo Cárdenas Alemán's area of interest. Ever since he was a child, he has enjoyed the microscopic world; as a matter of fact, he used to bring his own microscope to middle school, and during his 6th semester in Physics he began to work for Vitrotec, which has a scanning electron microscope where he could observe and analyze every type of materials. He was then invited to study a new master's degree that specialized in materials and, afterward, he joined Tecnológico de Monterrey to offer solutions to problems in the materials and technological development projects area. Cárdenas Alemán enjoys the various activities he can get involved in to fulfill his professional, personal, and continuous improvement goals. When he teaches, he does so as if his own children were present in the room, since he is deeply committed to offering a solution to the problems in our surroundings, and motivating the students to get involved in analysis with a global approach in order to reach environmental, ethical and socioeconomic aspects in an ever-changing world.

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