Kolteniuk-Krauze, Ethel

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"Literary creation is the other side of research and critique; they combine in sinergy and result in didactics, for the reader and the student alike." Ethel Krauze finds in the written word the inspiration to face and solve profound dilemmas. Which is why she promotes what she calls the "literaturization" of society; meaning, a second-degree literacy that allows enjoyment and creation to come from language and imagination. Sharing language with others ¿since it is not only a means of communication but a tool to build our thoughts and will¿ is what she enjoys the most about her profession. For Krauze, when citizens have a robust language, they are capable to reject abuse and corruption and embrace harmony and progress. In addition to breaking away from the artificial separation between creators and critics, the author of 43 books is interested in connecting with people who haven't been touched by the experience of literature. Her goal is to help them understand that language is a unique instrument, much more powerful than any mobile, technological or robotic device when it comes down to finding meaning and course in their actions. Her work Cómo acercarse a la poesía [How to approach poetry] has become a contemporary classic as part of the national archives in the Biblioteca de Aula y Salas de Lectura of the Secretaría de Educación Pública. Furthermore, "Mujer: Escribir cambia tu vida" ["Woman: Writing changes your life"] is one of the innovative methodological models of literary creation she has designed.