Hernández-Stumpfhuser, José Manuel

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"Creativity in message elaboration is one of the most valuable resources of the process but, when not properly combined with objective effectiveness and the target market, results will not be positive." Communication is key to the solution of a considerable number of problems; as a matter of fact, José Manuel Hernández Stumpfhauser considers Communications a career as or even more important than Medicine, which explains his determination to face communication challenges through the creation of messages of different styles and for different media, in a creative and efficient way. Certain of the need to have a specialized and collaborative work team, he founded his own production company 20 years ago. In this endeavor, he has been supported by his former students, who in turn have been able to grow professionally with each project. Teaching is in Hernández Stumpfhauser's blood: he likes to share his knowledge and experiences with the students and get their feedback. It is his virtuous cycle. Audiovisual media and its technological advancements have always caught his interest. He has been involved in corporate, political and institutional video production, hologram production, live transmissions, video mapping, multi-projection, and eyecatchers, among others. In his free time, he experiments with new exposures for video and the combination of different moving graphic-visual elements. He is so passionate about cinematography he has made it his priority. He is also interested in clean energies, so he recently purchased an out of the ordinary lighting unit, with solar panels and a device to store energy.

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