Scope of the actions to prevent overweight and obesity in teenagers. the Mexican public schools case Alcance de las acciones para prevenir el sobrepeso y la obesidad en adolescentes. El caso de las escuelas publicas mexicanas uri icon


  • Overweight and obesity are a public health problem for Mexico, which is why the government has implemented several actions in order to bring it under control. In the case of the age group between ages twelve and fifteen, these actions are mainly promoted in schools. The purpose of this work was to analyze from the point of view of the school agents responsible, the implementation and effectiveness degree of the actions performed. The aim is to establish adjustments supported by the Social Cognitive Theory, in order to improve their effectiveness. This was a qualitative type research based on the case method. We identified two critical elements for improvement, with theoretical bases on the literature and the information generated, obtained from the theme analysis of two public high schools: Participation of the parents and the implementation of an educational model that promotes meaningful learning and the development of self-reflection, self-efficiency, and prevention skills.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2015