Assessment in the use of excel competency for problem solving using the approach of expert and novice theory uri icon


  • © 2014 The Governors of the University of Alberta.The assessment of Competency-Based Learning (CBL) generally lacks a foundation to guide the construction of instruments that accords the nature and goals of this educational model. The measurement instruments normally used in CBL only provide a numerical score with limited information about the levels of competencies reached. This research aims to outline an assessment model that gives room to infer the individual's level of achieved competencies. The study is grounded in the theory of experts and novices and employed a mixed methodology in order not only to discover the measurement of the levels of competency from a numerical perspective but also to qualitatively understand how the students achieve a certain level of expertise in a concrete disciplinary area. The focus of this research study was on problem solving using Excel. Five professors participated in criteria selection, problem design, and the assessment process. We concluded that CBL assessment can be implemented in a more integral way when supported by theoretical frameworks that permit instructors to assess student's achievements and give more effective feedback related to their strengths and weaknesses.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2014