Interval type 2 fuzzy logic controller for rotor voltage of a doubly-fed induction generator and pitch angle of wind turbine blades uri icon


  • ¬© 2015, IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Hosting by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.Wind resource is highly unpredictable, intermittent and uncertain, for periods of higher speed that rated pitch angle can be controlled in order to maintain the power generation within the rank of the nominal power of the electric generator, in this paper an interval type 2 fuzzy logic controller is designed in NI Lab VIEW for a non-linear model of turbines blades, after that, the controller is incorporated in a complete model of a DFIG wind turbine and another interval type 2 fuzzy controller is used for controlling the frequency and amplitude of the rotor's voltage. Finally the simulation results are shown and white noise is added for testing the performance of the controller under this condition. A comparison is made between the performance of the type-2 fuzzy logic controller, type 1 controller and a traditional PI controller tuned by trial and error method.

Publication date

  • May 1, 2015