Fundamental neuroethics. The current attempt of ethical naturalism to found science-based morals Neuroética Fundamental. El intento actual del naturalismo ético por fundar una moral científica Academic Article in Scopus uri icon


  • © 2015, Universidad del Zulia. All rights reserved.The objective of this work is to present results of a review of literature about the possibility of constructing ethics based exclusively on science, in particular, on the findings of neuroethics. The review was founded on the studies of four experts: Adela Cortina, Frans de Waal, Jonathan Haidt and Javier Serrano. The text is structured as follows: introduction to ethics from the scientific viewpoint, analysis and proposals from the four authors mentioned and critiques of neuroethics. The study ends with two important conclusions. Even though one cannot ignore the influence that evolution and the brain´s structure and function have on human behavior, neither can one ignore the extraordinary role that social, cultural and educational contexts play in its configuration. Secondly, beyond any debate about the robustness and completeness of the theoretical bases for these proposals, the risks of this kind of approach should not be ignored.

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  • January 1, 2015