Embedded biometric cryptosystem based on finger vein patterns uri icon


  • © 2015 IEEE.Cryptosystems based on biometrics authentication is a developing area in the field of modern security systems. The present paper deals with the application of finger veins pattern as an approach for user authentication and encryption key generation. The design of the optical capture system by near infrared is described. We propose an algorithm for the location of the vein intersection points and the quantification of the angles between the vein-branches, this information is used to generate a personal key that allows the user to encrypt information after the authentication is approved. A testing of identity verification, after subject enrollment process is presented. In order to demonstrate the potential of the proposed approach, an example of image encryption is developed. All processes: biometric capture, image preprocessing, key generation and image encryption are performed on the same embedded platform adding an important portability and diminishing the execution time. The results show an accuracy of 96.1% for the authentication system.

Publication date

  • December 14, 2015