Patient profile and postoperative follow up compliance in refractive surgery uri icon


  • © 2015 Sociedad Mexicana de Oftalmología, A.C.Purpose: Analyze the relationship between LASIK patient profile and it's follow-up compliance. Methods: The following study analyzes 108 randomly selected patients in a time period of 2 years that underwent refractive surgery, with a total of 213 eyes. Results: The average age of the LASIK patient was 31 ± 7.8 years, with patients ranging from 18 to 39 years (61%). Professional sector and students outnumbered the occupational profile with a total of 53 professional sector patients and 35 students. The most common refractive error was myopia 54% followed by hyperopia 31%. The recommended six follow up visits were only completed by 6% of the patients; the average follow up number of visit was three. 78% of the patients that underwent refractive surgery had only one prior consult. Conclusions: Patients are not completing their suggested follow up visits. There was no association with age, gender, occupation or surgical treatment in the patients that did complete the established six follow up visits. However a non-significant trend was observed with the non-professional sector and the patients that had only one follow up visit.

Publication date

  • May 1, 2016