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Valdez-García, Jorge Eugenio

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"It's important to change paradigms: going from believing that healing is a success to thinking that success means being healthy. Keeping people healthy is truly the ultimate goal of medicine." Given that medicine encompasses the human being to its full extent, as well as the processes of health and disease, Jorge Eugenio Valdez García decided to devote himself to this discipline. He likes that it is a profession of service; meaning that it focuses on looking after others. He thinks it is essential to link this area to research and teaching. First, because there is so much to learn about biological processes, and second, because as a doctor, you are permanently educating someone: the patient, yourself, the students, the residents, and younger colleagues. Valdez García specialized in ophthalmology, a particularly appealing area in which consultations, surgeries, and treatments have a high technological development; his practice seems innovative and disruptive to him. Another one of his passions is medical humanities, especially medical education because doctors were trained even before universities existed. Besides, history and philosophy of medicine allow him to analyze what the human being used to be, what it has become into, and what its possibilities for improvement are. From his point of view, the main challenge for medicine is to be able to reach everyone, that every person has the same level of health and healthcare education because they will increasingly need to manage their own health, under the concept of integral wellbeing.

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