Inverted learning environments with technology, innovation and flexibility: Student experiences and meanings uri icon


  • Copyright © 2016, IGI Global.Flexibility, technology and innovation can lead to challenging learning environments. The research question: What are students' meanings and experiences in inverted learning environments? The investigation methodology was mixed with three instruments applied to 568 students. Flexible environments, active learning and inverted learning were analyzed. Qualitative and quantitative data were triangulated with instruments, data and theory. The results indicated that (1) university students of flexible environments modified their schedules and learning locations; (2) active learning is related to students' meanings, and; (3) inverted learning experiences confirm that they find a source of learning not only in the teacher figure but also in their peers. Students mentioned learning from videos (77%) has the advantage of flexibility as well as technical problems (34%) as a disadvantage.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2016