Development of a software application for machine tool reconfiguration using a knowledge-based engineering system approach uri icon


  • © 2016-IOS Press and the authors.The automation processes industry has become increasingly expensive, which is why some small and medium sized enterprises are incapable of buying machine tools with automatic systems. This means that their processes are manual in many cases, and as a result they often have to rework their developed products due to the lack of precision and efficiency in their production processes. Considering that current manufacturing systems with variable machining and turning centers are gradually replacing dedicated systems for medium lot size production, the production systems' basic element, the machine tool, must be capable of working at high speeds with precision, and it must be reconfigurable. These systems must also be compatible and convertible in order to create economic benefits for customers. This article describes a specific software architecture designed to record all the data, information and knowledge concerning manufacturing systems. The software allows for the creation of a new knowledge database and works with it in the reconfiguration of machine tools depending on the rules, requirements and parameters needed to effectively modify production processes or products.

Publication date

  • April 29, 2016