Designing a strategy of programming learning for kids through the use of the "" federal program: A pilot study Academic Article in Scopus uri icon


  • © 2016 IEEE. The use of Information and Communication Technologies (IT) in education has helped strengthen the process of teaching and learning in several aspects. One specific interest is to increase spreading out learning programming to basic education, as a method to improve the development of different cognitive abilities, such as problem solving, abstraction, logical thinking, between others. In order to make IT a route to improve basic education in Mexico, the federal government has implemented the program, as a mean to promote, in young students, the use of TI as a driver of improved academic performance. Taking advantage of this situation, in this study, we use the technological infrastructure of program as a base to implement a strategy for teaching programming in basic public education, assuming that, in this way, students' general achievement can be improved, and the interest of students studying careers related to technology can be increased.

Publication date

  • May 23, 2016