Thermal performance of scrap tire blocks as roof insulator uri icon


  • © 2017 Elsevier B.V.This work shows a feasible re-use of scrap tires as thermal insulator for residential building roofs. The main focus of this study was to test the use of natural color and white-painted scrap tire blocks (STBs) as insulating material in a residential building prototype (RBP) and to compare their performance with a common insulating material (polystyrene). The STBs were prepared with a simple method using isoBond adhesive and tire particles from different suppliers. The thermal conductivity and water absorption of the materials were recorded. Moreover, several statistical parameters such as range, time lag and decrement factor were analyzed. The results showed that the STBs had higher thermal conductivity than polystyrene however, the ability to maintain the interior temperatures was nearly similar. This fact was explained by the combined convection-conduction heat transfer mechanism inside STBs. The water absorption of the STBs was relatively low in comparison with other organic insulating materials, such as palm fibers. The STBs performed better as insulating material when the outer-facing side was painted white, leading to an increase in the decrement factor (f) and the rate of heat loss as well as a decrease in the rate of heat gain. Finally, STB's are a practical option as insulating material for residential buildings in warm climates.

Publication date

  • August 15, 2017