Maturity model for collaborative innovation: Higher education challenge Modelo de Madurez para Innovacion Colaborativa: Retos de la Educación Superior uri icon


  • © 2018 AISTI. Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have changed both the way of developing their substantive functions, and of managing the institution. In this permanent change, a diversity of technologies has been incorporated, which also affects the development of the institution. In this sense, education and knowledge are no longer unique to educational institutions. Therefore, it must incorporate open innovation strategies in its academic and administrative models, as part of its management model, where different internal and external actors are integrated. This article presents the Maturity Model for collaborative innovation (MMIC), focused on open innovation processes and strategic alignment. We conclude that innovation must be articulated with the mission processes of the HEI and with the models of corporate and technological governance to establish collaborative innovation communities (CIC).

Publication date

  • June 27, 2018