Dengue fever: A worldwide threat an overview of the infection process, environmental factors for a global outbreak, diagnostic platforms and vaccine developments uri icon


  • © 2018 Bentham Science Publishers.Current review article focuses on dengue, which is one of the most fatal infectious illnesses and is considered to be a worldwide threat. The paper covers essential topics including an overview on neglected tropical diseases with specific emphasis on Dengue fever, mosquito's cycle of life and mechanism of infection, adaptive response, and different stages in dengue immunopathogenesis. The current work is also dedicated to the thorough study of dengue outbreak across the globe with a narrowed study to tropical and subtropical regions. Moreover, this review article demonstrates the correlation between climate factors and dengue incidence. Furthermore, we present an overview of the detection strategies of dengue including the latest developments in commercial and non-commercial platforms. Several attempts in developing an effective vaccine to protect individuals from dengue infection and the stage of clinical trials are gathered in the present work as well. Future directions including bio-control are also discussed in this review article. In an overall view, effective management of Dengue is a multidisciplinary task that requires international involvement from different backgrounds and expertise to address this global concern. This review article briefly portrays some of these connecting areas across the disciplines while many other perspectives remain uncovered.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2018