Transmedia education. From the contents generated by the users to the contents generated by the students Educación transmedia. De los contenidos generados por los usuarios a los contenidos generados por los estudiantes uri icon


  • © 2019, University of La Laguna. All rights reserved.Introduction: In the last decade a ghost has gone through communication studies: Transmedia storytelling. Born in the field of research on new participatory narrative models, the quality of transmedia soon became a flexible adjective that adheres to infinity of nouns (transmedia fiction, transmedia journalism, etc.). In this context, experiences or theoretical references to transmedia education did not take long to appear. Methodology: This article reviews and reflects on these concepts to avoid semantic abuses and advances in a characterization of the possible applications of transmedia narrative logics to learning processes. For this, a case study based on a reading/writing experience carried out in a high school in Barcelona is analysed. This analysis facilitates the approach to the intersections between education, media, narrative and participatory cultures. Results and conclusions: The intervention was possible and desirable for learning and created a positive disposition towards the narrative.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2019