Latest updates in dengue fever therapeutics: Natural, marine and synthetic drugs uri icon


  • © 2020 Bentham Science Publishers.In this paper, we review the history of Dengue, the mechanism of infection, the molecular characteristics and components of Dengue, the mechanism of entry to the target cells, cyclization of the genome and replication process, as well as translation of the proteins for virus assembly. The major emphasis of this work is on natural products and plant extracts, which were used for as palliative or adjuvant treatment of Dengue. This review article also summarizes the latest findings in regards to the marine products as effective drugs to target different symptoms of Dengue. Furthermore, an update on synthetic drugs for treating Dengue is provided in this review. As a novel alternative, we describe monoclonal antibody therapy for Dengue management and treatment.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2020