Use of a decision-making laboratory to support student's visual analysis for the solution of a transportation problem in Mexico City uri icon


  • © 2019 IEEE.This Innovative Practice Work in Progress presents a proposal to promote the use of information technologies for students through decision center visualizations in order to facilitate their analysis process of information related to real life problems. To improve the students' learning process, Tecnologico de Monterrey University designed and implemented a set of challenges and curriculum within the Tec21 educational model. It focuses on the creation and development of classes that allow students face real world challenges with the use of the different information technology tools available. As part of this, is the creation of the decision-making laboratory that seeks to support the analysis, visualization and interaction of information in a decision-making process. The decision-making laboratory, together with the department of computational sciences, designed a challenge that aims to carry out the analysis and visualization of open data concerning the urban mobility problem in the financial and corporate center of Mexico City. It was designed for students enrolled in the last third of the Computer Science major. This paper presents the implementation process and the encouraging results through the use of a decision-making laboratory to create and use specialized visualizations regarding an urban mobility problem in Mexico City.

Publication date

  • October 1, 2019