An approach based on contrast patterns for bot detection on web log files Chapter in Scopus uri icon


  • © 2018, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Nowadays, companies invest resources in detecting non-human accesses on their web traffics. Usually, non-human accesses are a few compared with the human accesses, which is considered as a class imbalance problem, and as a consequence, classifiers bias their classification results toward the human accesses obviating, in this way, the non-human accesses. In some classification problems, such as the non-human traffic detection, high accuracy is not only the desired quality, the model provided by the classifier should be understood by experts. For that, in this paper, we study the use of contrast pattern-based classifiers for building an understandable and accurate model for detecting non-human traffic on web log files. Our experiments over five databases show that the contrast pattern-based approach obtains significantly better AUC results than other state-of-the-art classifiers.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2018