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Monroy-Borja, Raúl

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"There are three abilities I like the most about my profession: the first one is to transform lives; the second one, to generate and share knowledge; the third one, to solve problems." Currently, Raúl Monroy Borja does research on the creation and application of machine learning models. With over 30 years of experience, he has specialized in different areas, the most recent being artificial intelligence, automated theorem proving and automated techniques for software verification. The main motivation behind his specialization is the software industry's need for the development of programs that meet every specification, which becomes particularly critical when healthcare, the environment, economic resources and even the image of those behind the development can be damaged. A popular application in his research focuses on the context of cybersecurity, as is the case for bot detection, both in social network traffic as well as in e-commerce views. He has also been involved in personal integrity security and in the inspection and control of electromechanical devices. Committed to the dissemination and training of good research practices, principles, and methodologies, Monroy Borja has been an active participant in the creation and development of scientific societies. He points out that the main challenge of his profession is to inspire the students to do research in an appropriate and relevant manner, the government and industries to provided the permits, funds and human resources needed for research, and his colleagues to join him in the search for solutions.

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