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Dieck-Assad, Flory Anette

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""What I like the most about my profession is to do research and to teach professional-level classes at the same time." Flory Anette Dieck Assad's main interests are research in sustainable development, financial institutions, accounting costs, international finance, energy, and fiscal policy through econometrics. She also leans toward the promotion of ethics in the development of professions. With a doctorate in Finances, Dieck Assad's specialization responded to her aim as a professor: to promote both academic teaching as well as human values, citizenship, and sustainability in business, in order to encourage students to search for a more promising future for Mexico. Her greatest challenges have been to fulfill her teaching profession passionately with the help of successful educational tools and strategies, her research achievements, which have impacted society, and exporting knowledge to South America, the United States, and Canada through more than 40 publications. Throughout her career, she has offered continuous support to students and to the disadvantaged, which is why she donates her book royalties to charitable organizations.

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