Ramos-Ruiz, Federico

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"I really enjoy talking to people. I take a pragmatic approach to solve the problems they might have and I like being of help to find a solution, respecting their nature and that of their relationships." Neuroscience is Federico Ramos Ruiz's area of professional development. He is passionate about understanding how the nervous system works and how it is able to heal itself when something is not working right. This is why his professional interests are related to biomedical advances, especially with the use of technology, and their impact on people's lives. He is drawn toward the peculiarity of the problems of each patient he looks after, since every one of them presents a different array of situations. It is quite a challenge for him to unravel someone's ailment and to help him find a solution for it. As a specialist in psychiatry and in the biological complications psychological issues produce in the body (psychosomatic disorders), since 2010 Ramos Ruiz has studied, alongside Rice University in Houston, Texas, the mental health of undocumented Central American immigrants on their path through Northeast Mexico, as well as Mexican immigrants in comparison to Mexican nonimmigrants in the area of Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato. He believes that his profession has the great challenge of correctly diagnosing and treating patients, being respectful of their personalities and lifestyles, in order to help them modify what might be affecting them or their environment.

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