Barroso-Merino, Edgar Arturo

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""Working with different people in transdisciplinary teams helps to understand and create solutions for the most important problems we face as a society." Édgar Arturo Barroso Merino specializes in music and entrepreneurship. He studied music because he likes compound systems, neuroscience, and their role in the construction of society since every culture has music. Although entrepreneurship cannot be actually studied, it is a mix of research, intuition, and empirical knowledge that he arrived to due to his need and vocation to create what, from his and his team points of view, should exist. His areas of interest are public entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and data, prospective, applied research, the future of work, digital inclusion, public innovation, creativity, and innovation. The reason is clear to him: because through these areas people's lives can be transformed and opportunities can be created in order to change the narratives in society. Having earned numerous awards, scholarships, commissions, recordings and publications, Barroso Merino has run the Harvard Group for New Music, has been a member of the Ensemble Crumble, which concentrates in real-time electroacoustic improvisation, has been a cellist in the Orquesta Juvenil de León and has founded UnaElegía, a group dedicated to the promotion of prehispanic instruments. With his teaching experience in Harvard and in Universidad Pompeu Fabra, he believes that one of his main challenges is to find the suitable conditions to attract the best talent to face public issues in a sensitive, systematic way.

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