Cuilty-Siller, Carlos


""I really like combining the practice of medicine with research, teaching, and entrepreneurship. It is the ideal medical practice model to reach my professional fulfillment." To improve the quality of service at the Instituto de Otorrinolaringología, from the moment the patient is welcomed by the receptionists, to the service provided by the doctor is what interests Carlos Cuilty Siller the most. He encourages academia and research among the members of the institute. He first specialized in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, afterward in rhinology and paranasal sinus surgery. He is passionate about endoscopic skull base surgery, an anatomically difficult area because patients are amazed by the results and this motivates him to continue his training for these types of surgical procedures. Cuilty Siller focuses his instruction in two areas: one trains his students to diagnose and treat the main ear, nose and throat diseases; the other one prepares them to correctly answer the questions related to their specialization in their future tests. As head of the Instituto de Otorrinolaringología, his challenge is to summarize the otolaryngology and head and neck surgery residency programs. He is currently working on the creation of a multicentric program alongside other health-care institutions, firmly believing that respectable professionals ¿ high-level medical specialists as well as upright persons¿ can be trained and educated.
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