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Buitimea-Cantúa, Nydia Estrellita

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Dr. Nydia Estrellita Buitimea Cantúa studied at the University of Sonora, Campus Hermosillo, Sonora. She completed postgraduate studies in the Department of Research and Postgraduate in Food (DIPA, UNISON), obtaining a Master's degree in Food Technology and a Doctor's degree in Food Science. Dr. Buitimea has published 15 referred journal articles. She has directed 1 undergraduate student as principal advisor and participated as an advisor for two postgraduate theses. She has more than 30 presentations in international and national conferences. She has been a consultant to several national companies in the food industry. She research interests focus on processing of cereal grains, legumes seeds, oilseeds, nutraceutical properties of grains and Mexican foods. Due to his achievements in research, she belongs to the National System of Researchers where she is currently a National Researcher Level I. In addition, she was obtained the second place as the best research work in the International Congress of Nixtamalization 2013. Dr. Buitimea has been a professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey since 2016 of the School of Engineering and Sciences.

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