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Reficco,Ezequiel Alejandro Martín

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"The compass that guides our teaching and researching endeavor should always point to contributing to society from the place where we stand. That is our responsibility, our privilege and our challenge." Ezequiel Reficco has always been drawn toward the intersection between corporation and society, which includes topics as diverse as corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and intersectoral alliances between companies. Early in his career, he was clear that great collective goals could only come true if companies that create value in that direction were founded. Lately, he has focused on the challenges that come with teaching sustainability, given that business schools know how to educate good specialists but only lately have they felt the need to educate more upright and committed leaders. He believes it is imperative to aim for tomorrow's leaders to reassess their values, hoping that their behavioral patterns will change as well in the right direction. From his point of view, the main challenge to his profession is to walk, nimbly and constantly, the path where theory and practice come together, because the latter comes necessarily from knowledge, and knowledge becomes stronger by watching and learning from practice. Both are essential since scientific disciplines cannot set aside the relevance of knowledge for the society they serve. As an academic, he enjoys the opportunity to reflect on the subjects he considers important since those who devote their lives to academia must create spaces to provide new ideas that contribute toward the solution of social problems, which is, at the same time, a challenge as well as a privilege.

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