Wood-Caballero, Mark Williams


As a person and professional, I like to find PURPOSE and OPPORTUNITY in everything. My academic commitment is to educate with a human sense and for sustainability and social innovation, which implies the need for interdisciplinary collaboration. To this end, I contribute my knowledge and experience in innovation and social entrepreneurship, design thinking, urban planning and architecture. As Associate Academic Dean of EAAD, I am committed to the development of our programs, faculty, and students. My purpose is to enable, coordinate, and enrich the academic experience, facilitating processes and promoting the teaching / learning process on our campuses.
CAREER GOALS 1. Be a key element in our institution, based on leadership, management, collaboration and execution capabilities. 2. Apply my skills to analyze and define complex problems, develop projects and implement solutions. 3. Develop sustainable solutions to support social, economic and environmental well-being.
PROFESSIONAL AND INQUIRY INTERESTS ----- Sustainability in business, entrepreneurship and innovation ----- Innovation and social entrepreneurship (for systemic change and solving complex problems of society, environment and economy). ----- Sustainability in education and sustainable operation of educational institutions ----- Sustainable cities / urban and regional development / sustainable construction ----- Design and Design Thinking Methodologies in organizations ----- Collaboration University ¿ Business ¿ Government ¿ Civil Society
STRENGTHS ----- Professional and academic experience in Mexico and the United States ----- Ability to lead and be part of an interdisciplinary work team ----- Effective communication (written, oral, graphic) | 100% bilingual (Spanish-English) ----- Capacity for public relations and institutional representation ----- Open and positive regarding innovation and learning ----- Skill in research, analysis and definition of problems and collaborative implementation of projects
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