Flores-Palacios, María Leticia

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"I really like to work as a team because the best ideas and solutions come from collaborating with people with different but complementary skill sets." Having in mind that education is essential to grow as a society, María Leticia Flores Palacios has decided to work with both students and colleagues; she learns from them all. She is keen on waking up every morning and knowing that she has many things to do; that her classes, research projects or plans can improve, so she changes a variable or two, anaylizes the effects and tries again. She has been a teacher for over 20 years, looking for opportunities to change and enrich her courses. As a researcher she enjoys the structuring process while she tests her hypotheses, as well as being part of conferences where she presents her ideas while getting acquainted with the accomplishments of her colleagues. She has published articles and books on education, gender, stereotypes and children's rights, among other subjects. Ethical principles are indispensable in her life. Therefore, she made the decision to study a PhD in Human Studies with a subspecialty in ethics, which doted her with arguments to defend what she believes in. After discovering her ability for empathy, another one of her interests is the counsel she can provide students with when they reach out to her in search for advice, may it be academic or personal. She knows improvement is everyday's challenge because there is always a new technology or a novel educational trend she needs to catch up with or, if possible, anticipate to.

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