González-Lara, Gerardo Salvador

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"Generating reading and/or action research proposals provides a timely improvement of the education of our students and an improvement of today's society." The recovery and rescue of historical memory and projects, as well as assesing the value of cultural heritage are Gerardo Salvador González Lara's areas of interest. However, he also cares about educational innovation, professional ethics, literature and discourse analysis because they give him the answers to the questions he constantly asks himself about the thoughts and actions of the human being, their causes and consequences. As a professor, a researcher and contributor of an educational institution he values the opportunity to share lectures, analysis and permanent reflections of the world around us, from which he designs immediate-action proposals to contribute to a better humanity. Lectures also allow him to know what other colleagues and specialists are doing, which keeps him in a continuous learning process and makes him feel part of a well defined community: academia. González Lara's activities have led him to specialize in source research, discourse analysis and didactic design of innovative proposals for teaching-learning processes, either by objectives or by competencies. One of his main challenges is to manage his time to keep himself informed about the causes and consequences of events in Mexico and the world without neglecting his education and professional development. Above all, because he also does research, designs didactic materials for his work as a teacher and participates in institutional committees.

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